Modern Tempered Glass Coffee Table - NH275203
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Modern Tempered Glass Coffee Table - NH275203

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This attractive, modern coffee table blends form and function. Its the perfect piece to complete the look of your living room. Featuring high-quality tempered glass and a precision-crafted base, it is sure to become a treasured part of
your family.

Product Details
Includes: One (1) Coffee Table
Material: Tempered Glass
Frame Material: Metal
Finish: Clear
Frame Finish: Gray
Some Assembly Required

Dimensions: 23.60"D x 47.20"W x 16.40"H






WARNING: Risk of Shatter Associated with Glass Furniture
In rare instances, tempered glass furniture that is damaged by chips or scratches may break, seemingly of its own accord. Damage to the glass (not always visible) can get worse over time until it reaches a critical point when it may shatter. In the event of damage, this product is designed to shatter into lots of small granular pieces rather than large shards. This is a safety feature to reduce the risk of injury.

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